Private Rapid Recovery Program Firms

Program Background


As a part of the SMART Project, Private Sector Rapid Recovery Program (PSRRP) assists SMEs and start-ups on getting back to business following recent economic crises, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic and the May 2021 War in Gaza. PSRRP supports selected client firms through Recovery Plans, which offer in-kind grants, trainings, and technical assistance necessary to get back to business.

  • In-kind grants provide replacement and repairs of critical equipment including industrial manufacturing machines and energy infrastructure.
  • Trainings involve courses on production methods, job skills, and climate-smart business practices.
  • Technical assistance involves advisory services, aimed at improving productivity, quality, business planning, access to finance, and marketing support.

All client firms are required to share least half the costs of Recovery Plans, with some exceptions for start-ups and client firms owned and/or managed by women or youth. When Recovery Plans call for renovations, repairs, or light construction, these items are funded only by client firm cost share.

SMART holds client firms to strict environmental risk mitigation standards. All firms are subject to screening, review, and monitoring procedures, and in some cases, the firms a required to implement changes to their business practices or facilities as a precondition to receiving assistance.

The goal of PSRRP is to help firms recover from losses during the pandemic and other crises through cost-shared Recovery Plans. The success of each Recovery Plan is measured in terms of:

  • Increase in sales and exports
  • Hiring of employees
  • Access to export markets
  • Participation of women and youth


Agriculture Sector

Abu Hajjeh Feed Company (doing business as Al Hudhud Company) is an agribusiness company operating in Attil village in the Tulkarem governorate since 2015. The production, marketing, and distribution of animal feed, especially fodder for cattle. 

Mushroom House is a women-owned and managed agribusiness start-up based in Ramallah. White button mushroom is in high demand in the West Bank, but the market relies on exports currently and raw materials are not locally available. The vision of this start-up is to introduce cultivation of white button mushrooms to the West Bank, and also to produce the raw materials for mushroom cultivation (mycelium and spawnable compost) to provide natural fertilizer for local farmers and raw materials for other mushroom entrepreneurs. 

Home Garden is women-owned and managed agribusiness start-up based in Gaza that designs and installs horticultural gardens for restaurants, hotels, and homes. The marketing focuses on Gaza and their innovative business plan seeks to expand garden design services with three-dimensional digital modeling and also introduce a mobile application to consumers for watering and maintenance schedules. 

Muhannad Nursery for Vegetable Seedlings is an agribusiness firm in Tulkarem. The firm is an SME established in 2019 specializing in the cultivation of seedling of consumable vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce in a greenhouse. The nursery sells their seedlings to local farmers

Chemical Industries

As part of a 400-year tradition of Nabulsi soap makers, the Nablus Soap Company was founded in 1971 and produces 100% natural soap using a variety of high-quality ingredients: olive oil, honey, milk, Dead Sea mud, and dried herbs. Around 70% of the products are exported to more than 75 countries around the world. The Company’s products adhere to international quality standards as confirmed through the following certificates: ECOCERT Organic Cosmetic, PSI Halal, and Palestinian Quality Mark.

Construction Industries

Sami Mohammed Khalil Al Qarra Company is a construction supplies manufacturer in Khan Younis, Gaza, established in 2015. The company produces concrete building blocks. 

DaleelKey Capital (DKC) is a construction supplies start-up based in Jericho that manufactures gypsum blocks and mortar, the first Palestinian-made green construction materials. The firm’s signature gypsum block is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and convenient alternative to traditional materials for non-load bearing walls. The material provides better thermal insulation that conserves energy for air conditioning.

Ali Fehmy Ali Al Ghwal Company is a construction supplies manufacturer in established in Gaza City in 2016. It produces concrete building blocks to supply the Gaza construction sector. 

Nidal Walid Kodeih Company and Partners is a construction supplies firm in Khan Younis of the Gaza Strip. The company was established in 2013 as a manufacturing facility for concrete building blocks to supply the Gaza construction sector

Jalal Kamel Zayed Company and Sons for General Trading is a youth owned/managed construction supplies firm in Gaza City, established in 1994. The small factory is specialized in the manufacturing of concrete blocks. 

Global Prestige Paints Company was established in 2011 as a trading and industrial company specializing in manufacturing all types of paints and some construction materials in Gaza.

PILOT Company for General Trading is a women-owned and managed paints manufacturer in Gaza City. The small factory was established in 2017 and specializes in the production of paints, exterior finishes, and other construction supplies for the Gaza market. 

Food Industries

Rukun Palestinian Investment Company (doing business as Q Fine Chocolate) is a Jericho-based food industries company established in 2012. The processing facility refines high quality chocolate, medjool dates, and other ingredients to supply the raw material needed for bakeries, patisseries, and sweets shops. 

Askimo Elarusa Company is a maker of ice cream and other dessert foods, established in Gaza in 1991. The processing facility produces and packages dessert foods for distribution to local shops and restaurants. 

Sons of Abd Alqader Saliem Company for Trade and Refreshment (doing business as Al Sham Refreshments) is a food processing firm in Deir Al-Balah, Gaza, founded in 1998. Al Sham produces ice cream, baked goods, cakes, and sweets. 

Al Hafeed Company is a food processing facility established in 2017 in the village of Yabad, near Jenin. The company processes and distributes dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, and labneh, all made from fresh milk sourced from local farmers. 

Zakariya Subhi Sulaiman Tantawi Company is a women-owned food processing firm in Nablus. The firm sources fresh potatoes from local farmers, cuts and freezes the produce, and markets to local restaurants. 

Sarah Company is a food processing start-up based in Nablus that manufactures healthy snack foods using dates, grains, and nuts. The marketing targets school cafeterias, health foods retailers, and events in the West Bank and Gaza, with a goal to reach regional, European, and American export markets in the future. 

Hanover Dairy Food Manufacturing Co. was founded in 2017 as the first Palestinian milk and dairy products processing plant to use closed-carton techniques in accordance with international standards. 

Naji Shawar & Sons was established in 1998 as a food processing company specialized in the production of tahini from sesame seeds. 

Al Kafrawi Food Investment Co. is a Hebron-based food products manufacturer established in 1982. Their product selection includes a variety of food products sourced from local farmers and producers, such as olive oil, thyme, black seed oil, black seeds paste, dried sage, and other products. Kafrawi markets to both the domestic and international markets, with exports to the Gulf Region as well as Canada and the USA. 

Al Yasmeen Sweets Company is a woman-owned and managed chocolate producer based in Ramallah. The owner established the company in 2010 as a small business based out of her home. The Palestinian sweets market is highly competitive, but she was one of very few producers specialized in gourmet chocolate. Business took off and Al Yasmeen established a small factory and retail shop, hired more staff, and took on large, customized orders for weddings, corporate conferences, and for export to gourmet food stores in Israel.

Leather and Shoe Industries

Milano Company is a producer of leather shoes and slippers established in Gaza City in 2002. The small factory is the only producer of leather footwear in the Gaza Strip and can produce approximately 110,000 units per year. 

Metal and Engineering Industries

Mohamed Odeh Factory is a metals manufacturer located in Jabalia, Gaza. The small factory was established in 2002 and specializes in the designing, framing, and production of iron and steel products, including doors, window guards, hot water tanks, and air compressor tanks. 

Established in 2013, Ein Sarah Company is a metals manufacturer in Hebron, that is specialized in the production of decorative iron doors, window guards, handrails, and rolling shutter doors for home, commercial, and industrial use.

Sons of Mahdi Aldaya Company is a metals factory in Gaza City, established in 1996. The company is specialized in manufacturing of car flooring, minibus roofing, doors, and windows.

Established in the Deir Al-Balah Governorate of the Gaza Strip in 2010, Mohammed Omar Al-Zeq Company is an industrial metal manufacturer specialized in the production of iron doors and windows. 

Mahmoud Abu Halima Sons Company is a Gaza-based metals manufacturer established in 1973. The firm is specialized in the production of metal decorations and iron frames (window protection, doors, shelves, and handrails) for home, commercial and industrial use.

Rayyan for Import and Export is a manufacturing firm in Hebron established in 1993.  The company manufactures children's playground equipment using primarily metal and wood. Rayyan company has three lines of business including a) forming steel, b) building children playgrounds and c) outdoor furniture. Their product profile includes forming steel in various shapes, manufacturing children playground such as swings, slides, tube slides, outdoor benches, wooden structures and other relevant products.


Paper Industries

Amwaj Company for Carton Industry and Trading is a paper products manufacturer firm in Hebron, established in 2020. The facility manufactures cardboard packaging for commercial clients. 

Ostry Company for Agricultural Development, established in Jericho in 2015, is a manufacturing firm in the paper industry. The firm specializes in manufacturing recycled paper and egg cartons.

Plastic Industries

Grand Plast Company is a plastic bag manufacturer in Hebron. This small family-owned factory specializes in manufacturing and printing nylon hanging bags, waste bags, food bags, and industrial bags. Their raw materials include class A (food-grade) materials for producing food packaging and recycled materials for producing garbage bags.

The Green Ideas Company was founded in 2016 as an innovative, environmentally friendly plastics manufacturer that recycles plastic materials to create waste bins for municipalities and community institutions. 

Mhanna Brothers Company is a plastics factory in the Tulkarem Governorate of the West Bank, established in 2016. The small industrial plant specializes in molding recycled plastic to produce playground equipment, toys, planters, and other commercial items.

Renewable Energy Industries

Founded in 2010, Msader Company for Energy Systems is a renewable energy company based in Tulkarem, that develops, designs, supplies, installs, maintains and operates solar power systems.

Services Industries

Gaza Capital Studios (GCSTV) is a media services provider, established in Gaza City 2014 to provide domestic and international clients with production and broadcasting coverage for Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. Services include reports production and TV stories, film production, live studio, mobile SNG truck, design and montage, and workspace for reporters.

New Step is a women-owned/managed media services firm in Ramallah. The company provides a comprehensive package of marketing solutions including billboards, signage and printing, marketing strategies, graphic design, social media marketing, product design, video production, web design, and event management. 

Soriana Physiotherapy Center is a women-owned and managed healthcare clinic, based in Nablus, providing physical therapy services. The company provides training and jobs for women and youth, as well as much needed rehabilitation and occupational therapy services to injured and recovering patients in the local community.

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Tafeal Printing and Advertising (Othman Zakaria Omar Torkmani Company) is a printing and advertising service provider established in 2016 in Gaza City. 

Textile Industries

Abu Hasaneen Company in Jabalya, North Gaza, specializes in washing and dying textiles for commercial use.

Established in 2019, Best Fiber Company is a manufacturing facility in Nablus that specializes in pillows, mattresses, and foam products. They market their products to furniture manufacturers and retailers throughout the West Bank. 

IRIS is a women-owned and managed fashion start-up based in Ramallah that creates high-quality, uniquely designed women’s apparel. IRIS seeks to fill an unmet market demand in the West Bank for women’s clothes that are trendy but designed for the modest tastes of the regional market. 

The Baby Center (d.b.a. Sulaiman Ibrahim Mahmoud Deeb) is a garment manufacturer specializing in children’s clothing established in 2019. 

Wood Industries

Alladeen Shukri Filfil and Partners for Furniture and Decoration Company is a family-owned carpentry company in Jabalia, Gaza. Their workshop produces furniture for home, office, kitchens, and other internal décor items. 

Ajoor Carpentry Company has been producing wood furniture and decorative items in Gaza since 1994. The company traditionally specializes in home doors, but it has expanded into new product lines including bedroom and office furniture. 

Mousa Carpentry Company has produced wood furniture and decorative items in Gaza City since 2014. The company produces a variety of bedroom and kitchen furniture as well as sofas, doors, and other decorative items. 

Alassi Cousins Company is a furniture manufacturer making home, office, and school furniture in Gaza since 1973. 

Zakout Company for Metal and Wood Furniture is a youth-owned/managed furniture producer in the metals sector in Gaza City, established in 1995. Their factory produces desks and other furniture for schools and offices as well as shelves and lockers for supermarkets and commercial clients. 

KamalEdein Ahmed Mohammed AbdelHadi is a carpentry manufacturer in Deir Al-Balah, Gaza. The firm is an SME established in 1979 specializing in the production of high quality furniture and doors. Their production line uses computerized cutting machines and is the first in Gaza to use vinyl as an alternative to paint. 

Sons of Abed Rabo Aljerjawy Company is wood and carpentry manufacturer based in Gaza. The small workshop was established in 2021 and specializes in the production of a variety of home furniture and doors. 

Salah Jiryes Al-Maqadma and Partners Company is a wood furniture manufacturer established in Gaza in 2004.

Nehad Ziad AlSawafiry and Partner Company for Furniture and General Trade was established in 1993 and officially registered in 2014 as a carpentry company producing all types of furniture: office, home, bedrooms and decorations. 

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