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Guidelines for Submitting a Complaint

SMART seeks to address any complaints or concerns from applicants, client firms, institutions, or other stakeholders. In order for a complaint to be considered by The SMART Project, it is necessary to follow the below guidelines:

  • The complaint should be related to the Project’s programs and/or to the Project’s implementation or management.
  • The complainant should submit full details and any relevant supporting documents related to their complaint.
  • Complaints shall be filed using one of the following methods:
    • Electronically: the complainant files a complaint electronically using the following link on the SMART website
    • The complainant can also download the Complaints’ form from the SMART website, fills it and sends it via email using the following email address: [email protected]
    • Verbally by calling the Complaints Line: the complainant can call the following number: +970-2-2923038 to file a complaint.
    • In person: the complainant files a complaint by filling and signing a form at the SMART offices in Ramallah at this address: 6th Floor , Haifa Building, Al Ersal-Ramallah. Or in Gaza at this address: Cairo-Amman cross-roads, Al Thurayya Building, 4th floor, Office 401
    • In order to control the risks of virus transmission during Covid-19 pandemic, the complainants will be advised to submit their complaints electronically or via telephone.
  • The complaint system will include an anonymous complaint reporting process if some complainants may choose to file a complaint anonymously. Anonymous complaints should provide factual details and specific allegations of misconduct or serious wrongdoing related to any of the SMART Project activities.

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